Hey there,

I’m Nikki, and I’m the CEO and founder of Sip City. Sip City came to be after years of gut issues, countless homemade concoctions, and the thought that maybe there was an easier and healthier way to be social and healthy and mindful all at the same time. As a college athlete with a *fickle* stomach, I found that all the artificial ingredients in energy and recovery drinks were actually hurting me, not helping me. And as a college student who wanted to keep up with her friends, I relied on those same energy and recovery drinks to mix into cocktails, chase with, and cure my hangovers.

After graduating, I took a big step back from those habits, and got to the root of the problem: my gut was out of whack. Lots of tests, doctors appointments, and treatments led me to the simple conclusion: what I put into my body affected how I felt every day. I changed my diet and my lifestyle, and came up with health hacks that fit into my busy day. Between meal prepping, building an active schedule, and juicing and mixing things in my kitchen, I eventually started to feel better.

It was during this time that I found switchel: an apple cider vinegar and ginger based drink, that was much easier to make than home brewing kombucha, and all of the ingredients could be found in my pantry already. I immediately fell in love with the taste, the simple ingredients, the rich history of the drink, and all the ways I could use it in my daily life. For me, switchel replaced artificial sports drinks, my kombucha habit, my afternoon coffee, my late-night/early-morning Pedialyte chugging, and the soda and juices I mixed into drinks. I knew I was onto something, but it wasn’t until August 2017 that I decided to put my career in digital news on hold, and start this thing for real.

In January 2018, we launched with our first three flavors of switchel in stores. We’re now selling in retail locations throughout the DMV area, and a handful in New York. It’s my hope that our switchel can help someone along the way. Whether you’re looking for a better cocktail mixer, a mocktail alternative, a daily gut-health drink, relief after a long night out on the town, or a post-workout replenisher, our switchel is for you.


Nikki Blank, Founder + CEO