Variety (6-pack)


Variety (6-pack)

22.20 25.53

How it Works

1) Add a variety 6-pack to your cart

2) Schedule a delivery at your convenience 

3) Enjoy delicious switchel, sent to your doorstep/desk 

4) Rinse and repeat. 

What's inside your delivery

+The District (2x)

+The Boston (2x)

+The Nashville (2x)

Why you should order

Cheap! Our six-pack delivery of switchel costs less than buying six bottles at your local market. 

Convenient! The store ain't for everyone. So we send our switchel to where you are: houses, apartments, offices, wherever. We've got you covered.

Curated! We put a personal touch on all of our deliveries. It's our way of showing appreciation to our fans.

Please note, we're testing this delivery idea out, so any feedback is appreciated, and please be patient with us as we work out all the kinks. Delivery limited to DC and Arlington.

As of our first delivery run, we will only be delivering variety packs. Please drop us a line if you're looking for a 6-pack of a flavor in particular! 

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