My first impression of Elyse was that she was a presence and a person I had to know. When we met, I was bright eyed bushy tailed college freshman entering pre-orientation, and I was excited but nervous about what was ahead of me. Elyse’s infectious energy and positivity quickly gave me the boost I needed during that lonely right of passage. She’s a radiant human being, a fierce friend, and an incredibly talented writer and communicator. She’s also a stunning Sip City model— you can find her all over our Instagram feed. I’m so grateful to have Elyse in my life, and I’m so excited to introduce her and her depth to all of you! I genuinely learn so much from each of these conversations, and my biggest takeaway from Elyse is to learn to find balance in the imbalances. This is a #girlboss to keep your eye on… she’s on a mission to share her presence for the whole world to see, and we’re excited to be there throughout the journey.



Introduce yourself! What do you want people to know about you and what you do?!

Hi everyone – I’m Elyse, nicknamed Elyse the Beast in college because my name doesn’t rhyme with much and it just kind of…fits. I’m blessed to have found my life’s passion so soon – minimizing the gap between science and society through communications. I aspire to craft and share stories that inform, inspire and empower individual and community health. Right now, that looks like health communications and PR, but I’m dreaming of an Oprah-Ellen-Dr. Oz combo by 42 (and let’s throw in Tracee Ellis-Ross because GOALS). Beyond being a Sip City model, I’m an avid traveler, adventure-seeker and fitness junkie.  

What does living a balanced lifestyle mean to you?

I think the most balanced life is permitting yourself to experience imbalance, tapping into a sense of inner peace and not allowing that imbalance to control your thoughts and feelings. There will be chaos, trouble and hard realities, but finding balance and ultimately peace is being in the midst if all those things and remaining mentally, emotionally and physically centered. Let go of what you assume your life is supposed to be like right now, let go of the “shoulds” and just appreciate life for what it is.

 What's your fitness routine?

When it comes to working out, I go through fitness-waves: Yoga or Barre; HIIT/Strength Training; Running. Each usually lasts about 3-4 months until I get bored or plateau and need a change of pace.

What does eating mindfully mean to you?

Learning to eating mindfully has been an experience. Over the past 8 years, I’ve struggled with restrictive eating. While it garners quick weight loss, I’m left being a shell of myself – tired, irritable, and unhappy. I feel best, mentally, physically and emotionally, when I eat enough to keep my body fueled to do all the amazing things I love to do – exercise, travel and thrive! 

What do you drink in a normal day? (coffee, tea, water, juice, energy drinks etc)

I grew up with fresh juice and smoothies every day thanks to my dad, Steve, and his Vitamix, Nutribullet and other liquid-making gadgets. So I have at least one smoothie daily, mixing in healthy fats, protein power, fruits, and veggies. Beyond that, I’m a water and herbal tea girl.

How do you cope with stress?

Gotta throw it up to G-O-D (praise hands emoji). I’m an active Christian, so when tough situations come around, I try to ground it in my faith and work through it with God.

What are your favorite cities? Why?

Easy – Tokyo and Amsterdam. I visited Tokyo for 3 days and fell in love with its amazing balance of modernity and tradition. While the city didn’t have my shoe size or my makeup (lolz), I would move there in a heartbeat. Amsterdam was a similar experience – just two days and fell in love with the culture. BUT I can’t not mention my everlasting love for New York, my current city. 

What do you wish people were more open or real about when it comes to fitness, living a balanced lifestyle or the drinking culture?

There is no one way to be fit. Period. While social media churns out #Fitspo, chiseled abs and hot tips and tricks, fitness is a personal journey that is tailored to your body, your health and your goals. Whether that is Tai Chi, power cleans, barre, kickboxing or laying in Savasana for 30mins, create a fitness routine that is distinctly you and allows you to live your healthiest, best life.

How do you seek out community?

Let’s be honest…finding new friends and communities as an adult is hard. But force yourself to say hello to someone at the gym, join your sorority alumni chapter or reach out to your Aunt Mildred’s best friend’s son who lives in the city. Someone is bound to like you..and if not, they suck cause your awesome! 

What’s the hardest part of adulthood?

I think the hardest part of adulthood is challenging yourself to keep growing. It’s true that experiences don’t stop, but how you engage with them makes all the difference in terms of your personal growth and development. Reject the comfortable, embrace the change and continue to grow.   

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

Don’t get your eyebrows done at the mall four hours before homecoming.

And, it’s not too late. You aren’t behind. You’re exactly where you need to be.

Do you live by any mottos or mantras?

After I legit google searched millennial mottos and mantras, I went back to my saved Insta posts and found the following: Success is about me. Significance is about others. May the life I live not only be about success, but also significance.

I aspire to use the growth and greatness I experience to benefit others in my life.

I make time daily for: Jesus Christo (praise hands emoji used once again). Start the day with a bible verse and 1Minute Motivation from preacher Steven Furtick.

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