switchel cocktail mocktail

It’s Thirsty Thursday again! Funny how they come every week.

However, this week feels a little bit different. We’re in that festive (and kind of melancholy) period between two major holidays, and there are nonstop holiday parties and occasions to gather and drink. I’ve found that there’s an intense pressure to consume alcohol during these weeks: with family members, coworkers, and friends, at reunions and themed parties and bars, to repress feelings or to celebrate things. If you’re finding that pressure to be overwhelming, or if alcohol is not serving you at this time, that’s ok! If you’re partaking in celebrating by drinking, that’s ok too!

Our friend Riad whipped up a special switchel holiday cocktail and a non-alcoholic drink for this holiday season! It’s a tea based drink that you can easily mix together at home. Make it caffeinated or decaf, add alcohol or enjoy sans alcohol, we just ask that you drink mindfully, and with intention! And we wish all of you a happy holiday season filled with love and joy!

Non-Alcoholic: The District Commute

6 oz The District Switchel

1 bag Earl Grey Tea

2 Tsp (recommended) Brown Sugar

-OR- .5 oz honey

1/4 tsp fresh zested nutmeg

With Alcohol: The DC Toddy

4 oz The District Switchel

1 bag of Earl Grey Tea

2 Tsp (recommended) Brown Sugar

-OR- .5 oz honey

1.5 oz Bourbon (Riad prefers Maker's Mark, but any bourbon with a sweeter profile will do)

1/4 fresh zested nutmeg

Directions: Bring The District Switchel to a boil over medium heat so it still retains acidity and flavor, once boiling, add Earl Grey tea and stir occasionally for 3 minutes. Once the tea has steeped, add brown sugar or honey to sweeten until desired flavor (add your bourbon if you're going for the toddy), garnish with zested nutmeg and enjoy during a cold day or at a festive occasion!