Let’s Be Real is kicking off 2019 with a conversation we had with Renee Dunn, the badass behind Amazi Foods. Everyday, we’re inspired by her kindness, her ability to tell it like it is, and her dedication to self-care as a daily + gritty practice. Renee is a loyal friend, a fierce business owner, and one of the hardest working people we know. We’re so honored to have her story on our blog!




I linked up with Maddie a few months ago through her work with sweetgreen, and through the Pineapple Collaborative. Her passion for food and community are truly inspiring, and it’s incredible that she holds up both her work and personal life with these pillars. Maddie’s commitment to local producers is unparalleled, and we’re so thankful for it. And on a personal note, she’s so relatable, energetic and kind! We’re so glad to be surrounded by women in food like Maddie!



Introduce yourself! What do you want people to know about you and what you do?!

Hello! My name is Maddie Morales and I spend my days at The Tavern - a local grocery market by sweetgreen. Some of my favorite work tasks as the General Manager are to curate local goods from inspiring local makers (like Sip City!!) and build community around local food in Georgetown around this new market concept!

What does living a balanced lifestyle mean to you?

I am continually on the train to balance, but for me it is about identifying the things that make me feel happy, calm, energized -- and building those things into the everyday. It is about seeing the bigger picture and thriving in the variety of the day to day.

What's your fitness routine?

My latest fitness love is 305 dance fitness classes! It’s a booty shakin, dance-cardio workout class that is just SO fun! I love the body positive environment and full focus that it takes my uncoordinated self to get through the class. I leave feeling happy, exhausted and PUMPED all at the same time.

When not in class, I like to pepper my weeks with a blend of running, strength training of some variety, spinning and a little yoga here and there!

What does eating mindfully mean to you?

Eating mindfully to me is all about taking the time to be thoughtful about where my food is coming from, how it got to my plate and how it actually tastes. While it definitely doesn’t happen every time I put something in my mouth, I always feel like true nourishment is achieved when I know the story behind my food, whether that is about the farmer that grew it or the friend that made it for me.

What do you drink in a normal day? (coffee, tea, water, juice, energy drinks etc)

Lots of agua! And all the bubbly things. When I am feeling fancy I will throw some lemons in my water bottle -  gotta love that citrus refresh! I often find myself reaching for a pick me up of kombucha, SWITCHEL!, coffee, bubbly water in the mid afternoons.

How do you cope with stress?

Lacing up the tennies and texting my momma to do the same so we can talk (via phone) + power walk out all the world’s problems. When she doesn’t answer -- baking + cooking for friends / running / dancing also helps.

How do you seek out community?

Building + having a community is my most favorite thing! The cool thing about communities are that they come in SO many different forms and I love seeking them out. I think my best community building tactic currently is to create arbitrary rituals (ie: ladies nights, run for rewards, family dinners…) and Gcal events with the people I want to surround myself with to force them to be part of my life!

What's the hardest part of maintaining a work life balance?

I think the hardest part in achieving a work/ life balance is in the narrative surrounding the black line dividing these two things. Since the work I do is something I am passionate about - I am continually connecting my personal + professional life, often by accident. For me, I think the balance between the two comes in the perspective I take around certain tasks. If I am able to approach work with grace, I find it less stressful and in need of complete separation.

However, I find it equally important to fill my life and brain with a diversity of activities. Trying new things and utilizing other parts of my brain + body is an important way for me to keep a clear perspective on the day to day!

What’s the hardest part of adulthood?

Decision making and insurance! Sometimes I just wish someone would tell me where to go for homeroom, when my next doctor’s appointment is and when I need to come home for bedtime...

Do you live by any mottos or mantras?

I love inspirational quotes! A couple of my current on rotation:

“Let your little light shine” -  my mom has been saying it to me since I was a babe so that one is pretty engrained.. a pretty basic sentiment but still proves mighty for me!

“You are stronger than you know.” - because I just recently watched Superwoman and was V inspired.

“I am light” - An India Arie song I put on repeat on those mornings when the doubts have me down!

How do you stay motivated, both at work and in your active life?

Kelly Clarkson Radio, Goal Setting, Planning ahead, Gratitude!

How do you turn around a bad day? Any tips/tricks?

Music that makes me feel good!! I have a playlist on my Spotify that is all the songs that I can’t help but shimmy shake along to.. Pop in my headphones and the world looks a whole lot brighter!

I make time daily for:

there are few things I actually do every single day, EXCEPT brush my teeth. I have inspirational quotes on my mirror and try to spend this 60-120 seconds of teeth cleaning every morning and evening to think about what I have to be grateful for, give myself a little love and recenter.  It’s also my favorite hygiene activity - so I never miss out.