"If you’ve lived in Washington for any time at all, you know that this is a very happy hour-happy city. You can do happy hour outside, you can do happy hour by a fire, you can do happy hour for dinner, you can do happy hour for less than $10. You can even do two happy hours in one day without changing bars. Happy hours are such a big part of the working culture in Washington, it can start to feel normal to never go home without downing a couple of $6 cocktails first.

"These two 20-somethings have created their version of Switchel.  As it says on their bottle, it is nature’s sports drink and a cocktail mixer. Sip City’s mission is to help people drink mindfully they way they eat and exercise! I was able to chat with Nikki, and she told me when she and Josie moved from Boston and Nashville, they saw how accurate the saying 'work hard, play hard' is in DC and wanted to give them a way to still let loose on the weekend, but in a much healthier way!"