Glad you asked.

Switchel is the OG recovery drink, dating back to Colonial America when farmers harvested hay in the hot sun, and then sipped switchel to refuel. Centuries later, we still turn to this vinegar- and ginger-packed beverage to keep us hydrated and feeling our best.

Enjoy your Sip City Switchel when you wake up (after a few too many), post-workout, throughout your day, or as a 3pm pick-me-up. It’s just tradition.

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sipcity district recovery drink

Why The District?

Ah, Washington, D.C.: our nation’s capital and the hub for diverse ideals. We crafted The District Switchel with democracy in mind. A blend of tart apple cider vinegar and lemon, spicy ginger and sweet honey, The District Switchel offers a fresh and brash, yet agreeable perspective that’ll have your palate petitioning for more.  

sipcity nashville recovery drink

Why The Nashville?

Look, Nashville ain’t just big hats and cowboy boots. It’s colorful and lively, yet mellow and rich, like a good shindig should be. The Nashville Switchel is that party in a bottle, with pomegranate and orange joining the dance line to accentuate the classic apple cider vinegar and ginger. Step one: drink this. Step two: repeat step one.

sipcity boston recovery drink

Why The Boston?

That feeling when you’re walking around Boston in November, scarf wrapped and boots strapped, wondering when the piles of red leaves on the Common will transform into ten-foot snowdrifts. The Boston Switchel tastes like bundling up for the elements, with turmeric, orange and cinnamon balancing black pepper and cayenne for a bold, loud, ready-for-anything vibe unlike any other.


BTW, these recovery drinks also make great cocktail mixers!